Allow me to introduce M-BOL Services LTD, a shining pearl in the Red sea! Our company has been established due to inevitable need for reliable & professional services around the area of Eilat city, particularly of the coming and going international shipping companies over Eilat`s port. Marine on\off shore services We offer you a range of on\off shore services such as professional tank cleaning services, general renovating services including welding solutions, engraving services, fix & repair of motors, power tools, generators, compressors, pumps etc.


M-BOL Services has been providing tank cleaners and application expertise to the maritime industry for a long time. Our portfolio of cleaning chemicals includes several IMO approved tank cleaners, each designed specifically to remove various cargo residues remaining after unloading cargoes carried in the cargo tanks of parcel/product tankers. Our full range of alkaline cleaners, solvent-based cleaners, acid-based cleaners, andneutral-based tank cleaners are economical and highly effective in removing animal oils, vegetable oils, greases, mineral oils, or scale.

Safety inspection service: Our qualified, experienced technicians get things right first time. Ultimately, this saves you time and money, and gives you peace of mind. They are regularly trained and certified to ISO approved international standards, and also hold several Class society approvals. Our customers' commitment to the safety of their crew and the environment. In alignment with our customers' goals, and in addition to traditional maintenance products, we provide enhanced, innovative solutions for maintenance needs onboard.


Our global sales and logistics network sell and deliver our extensive range of safety products. This global network enables us to inspect and service them too, all in accordance with IMO, class and flag regulations. Whether you need your immersion suits tested, fire extinguishers refilled or a small scale fire test for your foam concentrates, we can provide. Should your equipment fail the test, we will happily replace or repair it for you, all in accordance with regulations.

Rental services: Our Rental department is one of the strongest in the industry. Our product line includes everything from small hand held tools to large earthmovers. When you need equipment, you want quality. You want service. And you want value for your money, each and every time you rent. That's why M-BOL Services has been committed to providing premier service. Simply tell us what is the specific 'Job' you are interested in and we`ll rent you the best tools to make the job easier.

M-BOL Services is your source for a wide range of top name aerial brands and latest models for rent. Whether it is an indoor aerial construction and maintenance project you are working on, or you are trying to find the right aerial equipment to maneuver through difficult ground conditions, M-BOL Services stands ready to help! We are a reliable supplier of concrete & masonry equipment carrying a wide range of items along with the expertise to get you optimal results. All of our equipment are from top manufacturers is job ready. We even have the Genie lifters, power trowels, hand tools, concrete vibrators and other supplies you'll need to complete your job. Residential, commercial, industrial, highway, agricultural – name your application, and M-BOL Services has the top-quality machinery you need to get the job done. With a full range of attachments available, these machines are ready for all earthmoving applications. At M-BOL Services, you can count on us to provide the power to keep your job running. Whether it is for a large construction site, an industrial facility or needed as emergency backup, we carry top brands and reliable equipment, so you can concentrate on the job at hand and not whetheryou have the power to do it.

Hydraulic services: We have extensive experience working with large industrial plants and complexes, including huge manufacturing equipment. Our facilities are ready to handle whatever size job you might have on-site as well! If you operate a commercial or industrial fleet with huge vehicles, we can handle it! Our shop is equipped to handle almost any type of work! Lathe work, mill & boring work, welding work, and more allow us to custom fabricate hydraulic systems and many other hydraulic & pneumatic components. If your shop or business operates heavy duty equipment, you know that it requires regular service to operate at optimum levels – M-BOL Services is here to provide our extensive service list and experience to you! We Can Handle Your Hydraulic Service Job!

Turnery & Engraving services: We offer engraving services to our clients at reasonablecharges. We are equipped with the latest machines and equipment which ensure hassle free process on turnery. Moreover, we have a host of professionals who work as per the client's requirements while preparing andimplementing the service module.Our range of engraving services includes metal engraving, aluminum engraving,copper engraving and brass engraving. With great commitment, our company has made semi-finished products operable again that have already been identified by circles of experts as irreparable. This means enormous cost savings for the customer, because new raw material does not have to be used. The state-of-the-art engraving technology we offer combined with the unmatched customer M-BOL the vendor of choice for customers who demand today's most advanced engraving and Turnery solutions.

Sales & Repairs: We have an amazing range of products available to ourcustomers. Our shop is designed to haveavailable to you a range of tools and equipment second to none in the industry. We cater for all trades; Concreters, Plasterers, Mechanics, Plumbers, Engineering, Construction, Woodworking, Welding and more. Our range includes top brand names such as; DeWalt, Makita, Bosch, Metabo, Subaru, Yamaha, Honda, Echo, Grundfos, Pedrollo, Perkins, Cummins, John Deere, Kasco, Irwin and lots lots more. At M-BOL Services we have a fully equipped workshop, and are the approved warranty service agent for all brands that we supply. Our aim is to get these tools repaired as soon as possible; we are targeting a 2 day turnaround in repairs. A quote to repair is emailed or faxed to you and the sooner that you advise us the quicker it is completed.

Replacement parts, filters, seals & more: If you are looking for a wiring harness, a fuel pump, nozzles or a complete turn-key fuel management system, we canhelp you. M-BOL Services offers a complete line of fuel, hydraulic and air filters. We understand that compromising your engine or component with a poor quality filter can be costly. We only sell OEM quality brand filters that meet orexceed original equipment manufacturers' specifications. We offers full coverage and extensive stocks of roller bearings, tapered bearings, ball bearings, spherical end bearings, needle and thrust bearings, and anti-frictionbearings. M-BOL Services also assembles and distributes a wide range of "OEM" style and "custom" designed bearing service kits. We also have quality electrical parts include: Starter, Alternators, Solenoids ignition, Switches, Glow plugs, Gauges & More.

Motor Rewinding & Repair: Having your motor repaired is often much more affordable than having the motor replaced. Not only can rewinding and repairing your motor save you money over purchasing a replacement motor, production downtime can be extremely costly, and having an important motor burn out will sometimes shut down a production line. Having a motor rewound often takes less than 24 hours. Acquiring a new replacement motor is likely to take longer. At M-BOL Services not only do we rewind motors, we also can offer you a variety of additional services. From cleaning, dipping, and megging your motor to installing new seals and bearings, we can take your motor and bring it back to life. Proper shaft reconditioning can improve performance while extending the life of your motor by many years. After disassembly, shafts undergo straightness, sensitive dimension and balance checks as part of our intensive analysis. Then, IPMR experienced technicians recondition your shaft to like-new condition through metallizing, electric welding and straightening. Upon completion, your shaft is subjected to exhaustive quality testing to assure optimum performance.

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