Toyota & BT Forklifts Exclusive

We focus on service , since most transport tools require regular maintenance to prevent rapid wear of the tool and you will see the difference once pick up the phone ! Sale - We have a full range of transportation facilities including: Diesel forklifts , electric forklifts , forklifts drew near , forklifts gatherers counterbalance forklifts , forklifts running goes, Mlgzonim viscometers . New, refurbished or used our tools will get a full warranty after package found healthy work. Rent (leasing) When you need to rent a facility , conveyance, pay the best. Our company is a representative of the following companies:

Toyota forklifts in BT in Hmlgzonim may be that this is a good time to rent a forklift or other transportation facility if your company expects an increase in business activity or you are considering the purchase of new transportation facilities . Our experience and reputation make Toyota forklifts ideal for you , because Toyota is a global leader when it comes to handling forklifts . We provide leasing and operational leasing on favorable terms if it is long term or short term , which are in line with customer requirements on current service .

Service - When our service team out of a customer service call , we do it a little different from our competitors . We will call to the contact site for pre- determined time to visit, we compound the customer with utility vehicles Hmzoodim our with all the necessary equipment to perform maintenance service driven and professional forklift , your after the end of treatment / correction will collect all the waste compound work that we leave free environment for further client 's work and we will issue a full service card .

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Our company provides services for:

sale / rent (leasing) / repairs forklifts and material handling facilities in Eilat and Arava.


We specialize in providing services on forklifts and material handling in every field and subject, if you own a factory specialized logistics requirements , a logistics operator forklifts all day or even a private client we 'll find you the right tool for the job required .


We know what our customers expect and do everything to meet these expectations at competitive prices and comfortable.