portability services

Our company has a professional service department, one of the best in the country. We use the highest quality with the best tools to provide our customers the best service at you factory or at your work space.

Our company provides a Number of portability services: therapies in any ground, diagnostic tools and repair malfunctioning in Eilat and the Arava up to the customer.

M-BOL Mobility and Equipment are at the highest level in the market, allowing our technicians to work in the most convenient and satisfying complex Environment & tasks.

We guarantee a Professional work in any field. our Technicians are certified professionals whose knowledge and experience accumulated over the years give them the ability to exempt any malfunction and handle any problem.

Our company provides its technicians the best tools to serve our clients starting from: professional equipment, tools at the highest quality standards, proper clothing, environment and good working conditions in the market. Back to M-BOL Services