Motor Rewinding & Repair

Having your motor repaired is often much more affordable than having the motor replaced. Not only can rewinding and repairing your motor save you money over purchasing a replacement motor, production downtime can be extremely costly, and having an important motor burn out will sometimes shut down a production line.

Having a motor rewound often takes less than 24 hours. Acquiring a new replacement motor is likely to take longer. At M-BOL Services not only do we rewind motors, we also can offer you a variety of additional services. From cleaning, dipping, and megging your motor to installing new seals and bearings, we can take your motor and bring it back to life.

Proper shaft reconditioning can improve performance while extending the life of your motor by many years. After disassembly, shafts undergo straightness, sensitive dimension and balance checks as part of our intensive analysis. Then, IPMR experienced technicians recondition your shaft to like-new condition through metallizing, electric welding and straightening. Upon completion, your shaft is subjected to exhaustive quality testing to assure optimum performance.

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