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Forklifts Services: Our company provides services for: sale / rent ( leasing ) / repairs forklifts and material handling facilities in Eilat and Arava . We specialize in providing services on forklifts and material handling in every field and subject, if you own a factory specialized logistics requirements , a logistics operator forklifts all day or even a private clien ...More Info

portability Services

Portability Services: Our company has a service department professionalism country. We use the highest quality with the best tools to provide our customers the best service experience at your factory or work space . Our company has a Number ofportability services that provides: therapies , diagnostic tools and repair malfunctioning in Eilat and the Arava...More Info

Hydraulic Services

Hydraulic Services: We have extensive experience working with large industrial plants and complexes, including huge manufacturing equipment. Our facilities are ready to handle whatever size job you might have on-site as well! If you operate a commercial or industrial fleet with huge vehicles, we can handle it! Our shop is equipped to handle...More Info

Turnery & Engraving services

Turnery & Engraving services: We offer engraving services to our clients at reasonable charges. We are equipped with the latest machines and equipment which ensure hassle free process on turnery. Moreover, we have a host of professionals who work as per the client's requirements while preparing and implementing the service module. Our range of engraving...More Info

Motor Rewinding & Repair

Motor Rewinding & Repair: Having your motor repaired is often much more affordable than having the motor replaced. Not only can rewinding and repairing your motor save you money over purchasing a replacement motor, production downtime can be extremely costly, and having an important motor burn out will sometimes shut down a production line...More Info